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The Yemen Reserve, which covers approximately 3400 hectares of private wilderness, is the largest game reserve on the island. This game reserve lies along the slopes of the mountains of the Black River Range, comprising of African-type savannah and of native dry forest biotopes.

Rusa deer populates the surrounding as well as local boars. Both game ensures the good success rate of the Yemen Reserve. While out on the hunt, a professional team will coordinate in the background to ensure that members and their guests have a safe and successful experience.
The hunting period for Driven Hunts is from June to September
Trophy Hunts extend from June to December
Local boars all year round.

Bookings are requested, at least one week prior to hunting dates and are subject to availability.

Key information:

  • Yemen Reserve: 4000 hectares
  • Game: Russa Deer | Local Boars

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Operating days:

  • Hunting Season: June to September
  • Trophy Hunt: June to December